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Welcome to our 2015 new look website, we added a few new items to the pages, helping our readers to navigate better and access sources, never before available on our site.

We've linked our facebook pages to the website to enable better information to be shared. New look website with updates shopping cart functionality and mobile enabled the site so it can be accessed easily with smartphones.

Overtime we hope to provide you with uptodate changes that affect you as a driver and trainee driver. Any new developments will be listed here and articles and reviews too.


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Young Drivers are SCARY!!!!


A new study from Halfords Autocentres has revealed that when it comes to winter driving, the thing motorists fear most is new drivers. 29.2% rank inexperienced drivers as the most worrying hazard when driving in winter. This was followed closely by skidding on surface water or ice 28% and driving in fog 27%.

The ability of new drivers to deal with adverse weather conditions is such a concern that 85% of those surveyed think that winter driving techniques should be part of the practical exam for learner drivers.

67% said aquaplaning on surface water and skidding on ice posed the biggest threat to new drivers who have no experience of dealing with such situations.

The study proves what i've been saying about how inexperience with varying weather conditions affects new drivers and old for that matter. How many of us have said " the weather is too icy, forget driving ill stay indoors "



Earlier, faster and More Dangerous


Drivers using the roads in the early hours of the morning are most likely to be involved in a high-speed collision, according to research by In-car Cleverness (ICC) ICC analysed data from 897 rental cars to show that the speed of vehicles involved in a collision peaks at 2am, when the impact speed of accidents hits on average of 36mph. The speeds at which accidents occur steadily from the early evening, starting at 24 mph at 8pm and rising by 53% over the next six hours.

Makes sense most of us are still sleeping or rushing to get to where we need to be and that blasted speed increases slowly.......so does the chances of a RTA.... speed kills people keep to the speed limit.



They're Here!


£10million of funding from the Government organisation Innovate UK has given the green light for testing driverless cars in four UK conurbations - Greenwich in South East London, Milton Keynes and Coventry ( working together as one project ), as Bristol and will run for between 18 and 36 months from January 2015.

The Government funding aims to help establish the UK as the global hub for research, development and integration of driverless vehicles and associated technologies. 

I robot here we come. Time to look for another job me thinks lol.




Driving in Dubai UAE.

Absolutely crazy! Having just returned from a few days in Dubay, you cant help but appreciate the calm and proper order of things here in the UK. The word LANE DICIPLINE is clearly shown in barrels here but in the UAE. It’s as if it wasn’t even worth putting the white lines there in the first place.

Firstly dealing with driving in a foreign country is a daunting task, coupled with driving on the WRONG side of the road. Everything you’ve been taught out the window driving on the right, going around roundabouts on the wrong side, driving a car with steering on the wrong side and then mix all this confusion with people driving like maniacs and with powerful cars.

Sheikh ZAID road, pretty much the main artery of the Dubai travel. It’s a colossal 8 lane highway on one side and 8 lanes on the other side. Not for the faint hearted I assure you, no lane discipline people overtaking and moving lanes from all angles and without signals or due time and space.

The chaos is further confounded as many people who drive in Dubai are foreign nationals so they bring their own country’s driving styles and regulations, and no regulations for that matter.

In a place where knocking a tree down with a car has a greater penalty than a human life I wonder will this place ever learn or catch up to the UK for it standard of driving.

Money talks, for some just pay the fine as I can afford it. For all its chaos on the roads, it is a marvel what they have achieved in such short time. I think with practice and tolerance the driving standards will improve as the infrastructure and signs development does.

Sat navs can’t keep up with the ever growing emirate of Dubai> I was often getting lost even though I had 3 other people in the car navigating around in Dubai. ( they use to live there apparently)  once you ‘re lost you are lost but the beautiful skyline of Dubai with its iconic buildings and sky structures always help point you in the overall direction.

It’s a fun place to drive and an adventure, the more you do it the better you get at it and it can only enhance your driving skills. Blindspots overuse to say the least but at least you’ll be safe and make sure you have accidental waiver in your hire car agreement. You’ll be glad you did.

Safe driving in Dubai.




Our NEW AUTOMATIC CAR - Suzuki Swift 2014 in black

We sadly say goodbye to our Mercedes Benz a class that we used for automatic lessons, we have upgraded our vehicle to the new 2014 Suzuki swift 1.2 automatic. it come fully loaded with all the toys including sat Nav Bluetooth and cruise control etc.

We hope our customers enjoy learning to drive in it as much as they did the old merc.

Onwards and upwards.